WBAS Youth Band  (Chamber) Festival

14 - 18 December 2020

PHOTO: WBAS Youth Band Festival, Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

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As Singapore gradually opens for resumption of arts activities, Wind Bands Association of Singapore will be organizing the WBAS Youth Band (Chamber) Festival to encourage youth musicians to continue music making in a safe environment. We would like to seek your assistance in sharing the information of this Festival with your band students.


The WBAS Youth Band (Chamber) Festival aims to:


  1. Build Skills and Confidence for Chamber Musicianship

  2. Build Appreciation for Chamber Music to Motivate Resumption of Music-Making   


The flexi-band, a smaller ensemble made up of wind band instrument, is a new concept created to address the challenges to resume music making in the Covid-19 pandemic circumstances.  This form of ensemble music and playing is relatively unfamiliar to many musicians and audiences. Through the festival, we aim to introduce a varied range of music to build chamber ensemble playing skills and technique. We would also develop the participants’ approach and understanding to showcase the musicality and colours of this new form of music.


As iron sharpens iron, the collaborative nature of wind band activities will bring together a diverse group of youths musicians for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Most of all, to motivate and encourage each other to continue music making and bring what they have learned back to share with their own band mates. 


The result is not only a showcase of good wind ensemble music performance, but also the development of each instrumentalist into a confident solo and ensemble performer. It is also our hope that through the positive experience, our youths can create a bigger impact in the wind band community.



Participants will attend this 4 days festival that include the following activities taught by professional tutors:

  • Rehearsals in chamber ensemble of 10 musicians

  • Workshops surrounding topics on chamber ensemble related skills, repertoire, culture and heritage, different genre musical, etc   


The festival is opened to all musicians who plays a wind band instrument age between 10 to 25 years old. Musicians who are keen to take part in the event will need to attend an audition. To benefit all participants, having diversity in the groups will enhance the group dynamics musically, intellectually and socially. We will select participants based on their performance at the audition, both as a soloist and as an ensemble musician.


Audition Requirements

i) Etude or choice piece

ii) Scales

iii) Ensemble set piece (will be given to candidate 1 week before audition) 


Details of Event


Date: 21 Nov 2020

Venue: Goodman Arts Centre


Rehearsals & Workshop: 14- 17 Dec 2020

Concert: 18 Dec 2020

Time: 9.30am- 5.30pm (14 - 17 Dec) concert time TBC

Rehearsal Venue: TBC

Concert Venue: Esplanade Recital Studios



Audition: $5

Festival: $75 


Participation of the Audition and Festival are strictly limited to individuals only. They must not register via school or as a group. Parental consents must be obtained for candidates below 18 years old.

Learn more about the Event Safety Measures Management here.