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WBAS Youth Band  Festival

13 - 19 December 2023

PHOTO: WBAS Youth Band Festival, Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

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Combining a conducive learning environment with our favourite activity of all time--music-making--the annual Youth Band Festival is here to round off your year with a bang! Making a comeback with full bands and this year, a special edition with involvement of musicians beyond school-age youths. 


As iron sharpens iron, the collaborative nature of wind band activities will bring together a diverse group of youths musicians for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Most of all, to motivate and encourage each other to continue music-making and bring what they have learned back to share with their own bandmates. 


In this week-long adventure,  prepare for a challenging but fulfilling journey towards honing your craft alongside new friends, who are as equally passionate about band music. At the end of the week, the finale concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall is sure to be a unique experience. Wait no more and mark out the dates in your calendar! Do keep a lookout for the tips and tricks that our in-house tutors will be sharing with you to kick-start this final lap of learning and music-making for the year.

Audition Dates: 8 and 9 Sep 2023

Festival Dates: 13 - 18 Dec 2023

Concert on 19 Dec 2023 at Esplanade Concert Hall

Fees: $75


Application Process 

The festival is open to all musicians who play a wind band instrument aged between 11 to 25 years old. Parental consent must be obtained for candidates below 18 years old.

Musicians who are keen to take part in the festival will need to undergo an audition process. To benefit the participants, WBAS seeks to achieve diversity by enhancing the group dynamics musically, intellectually and socially.

Audition requirements 

All candidates are to attend the audition in person on 8 or 9 September 2023 and prepare the following to perform at the audition. 

You need not memorise any of the music or scales. 


  • 5 scales 

  • 1 etude or choice piece 

  • 1 test piece (will be emailed to candidates 1 week before the audition) 



  1. 1 chromatic scale of any key, to play at least 1.5 octaves. It can be slurred or tongued.  

  2. 1 major or minor scale of any key, to play at least 2 octaves, slurred 

  3. 1 major or minor scale of any key, to play at least 1.5 octave, slurred 

  4. 1 major or minor scale of any key, to play at least 1.5 octave, tongued 

  5. 1 major or minor scale of any key, to play at least 1 octave, tongued 



No scales should be repeated (For eg: D harmonic minor slurred and D harmonic minor tongued are considered the same scale)


Etude/ Solo choice piece

Candidates must play an Etude / Solo work that is at least 1 - 2 mins long. There is no facility for you to play with accompaniment.  

Percussion candidates must perform one choice piece each on snare drum, mallet and timpani. The candidate may include additional choice pieces on other percussion instruments. 


Tip: Candidates are encouraged to find pieces that show off their strengths. 


Audition Submission Details  


Deadline: 9 September 2023


Sign up at 

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