PHOTO: JC Band Festival, Esplanade Concert Hall

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7th Singapore International Band Festival 2020

This biennial competition brings with it golden opportunities to push your band to strive for ever-greater heights, as well as interact with the international band community. Build strong bonds across cultures through music-making, and grow together as a band. At a festival where the learning never stops, you can look forward to a line-up of specially curated workshops conducted by our internationally renowned adjudicators and clinicians. 


Due to the COVID-19 situation, we regret to have to cancel this event.

WBAS Youth Arts Leaders Conference 2020

September 02, 2020

Popular amongst students and teachers since its inception in 2007, WBAS has continuously drawn together the best thinkers and mentors from local and American education organisations to bring our students the best lessons and practices of leadership and performance in music groups. This programme is thoughtfully crafted and improved on each year of its running to allow youth leaders in our band and music community to develop holistically and be the best leaders they can be. 


Due to the challenges posed by Covid-19, YALC will be subsumed under the Youth Arts Connect! programme. In this programme, students will learn leadership concepts and skills, connect with professional arts leaders in Singapore and around the world and track their own leadership development online. 


This programme consists of two main parts:

  1. Online course: Asynchronous online learning comprising course modules, resources, quizzes, progress reports and analytics pertaining to arts and leadership. Online course will be available from August through October 2020.

  2. Conference: 3-day live webcast comprising of lectures, panel discussion and breakout discussions on 3 to 5 September

WBAS Youth Band (Chamber) Festival 2020

December 13, 2020

As Singapore gradually opens for resumption of arts activities, Wind Bands Association of Singapore will be organizing the WBAS Youth Band (Chamber) Festival to encourage youth musicians to continue music making in a safe environment. We would like to seek your assistance in sharing the information of this Festival with your band students.


The WBAS Youth Band (Chamber) Festival aims to:


  1. Build Skills and Confidence for Chamber Musicianship

  2. Build Appreciation for Chamber Music to Motivate Resumption of Music-Making   


The flexi-band, a smaller ensemble made up of wind band instrument, is a new concept created to address the challenges to resume music making in the Covid-19 pandemic circumstances.  This form of ensemble music and playing is relatively unfamiliar to many musicians and audiences. Through the festival, we aim to introduce a varied range of music to build chamber ensemble playing skills and technique. We would also develop the participants’ approach and understanding to showcase the musicality and colours of this new form of music.


As iron sharpens iron, the collaborative nature of wind band activities will bring together a diverse group of youths musicians for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Most of all, to motivate and encourage each other to continue music making and bring what they have learned back to share with their own band mates. 


The result is not only a showcase of good wind ensemble music performance, but also the development of each instrumentalist into a confident solo and ensemble performer. It is also our hope that through the positive experience, our youths can create a bigger impact in the wind band community.

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