PHOTO: JC Band Festival, Esplanade Concert Hall

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7th Singapore International Band Festival 2020

This biennial competition brings with it golden opportunities to push your band to strive for ever-greater heights, as well as interact with the international band community. Build strong bonds across cultures through music-making, and grow together as a band. At a festival where the learning never stops, you can look forward to a line-up of specially curated workshops conducted by our internationally renowned adjudicators and clinicians. 


Due to the COVID-19 situation, we regret to have to cancel this event.

WBAS Youth Arts Leaders Conference 2020

September 02, 2020

Popular amongst students and teachers since its inception in 2007, WBAS has continuously drawn together the best thinkers and mentors from local and American education organisations to bring our students the best lessons and practices of leadership and performance in music groups. This programme is thoughtfully crafted and improved on each year of its running to allow youth leaders in our band and music community to develop holistically and be the best leaders they can be. 


Due to the challenges posed by Covid-19, YALC will be subsumed under the Youth Arts Connect! programme. In this programme, students will learn leadership concepts and skills, connect with professional arts leaders in Singapore and around the world and track their own leadership development online. 


This programme consists of two main parts:

  1. Online course: Asynchronous online learning comprising course modules, resources, quizzes, progress reports and analytics pertaining to arts and leadership. Online course will be available from August through October 2020.

  2. Conference: 3-day live webcast comprising of lectures, panel discussion and breakout discussions on 3 to 5 September

WBAS Youth Band Festival 2020

September 13, 2020

Combining a conducive learning environment with our favourite activity of all time--music-making--the annual Youth Band Festival is here to round off your year with a bang! 


With the turn of the decade, WBAS has added a new chamber component to this all-time favourite band festival. Youth musicians can now have the choice to be featured as part of the band, or as part of a small chamber ensemble. 


In this week-long adventure,  prepare for a challenging but fulfilling journey towards honing your craft alongside new friends, who are as equally passionate about band music. At the end of the week, the finale concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall is sure to be a unique experience. Wait no more and mark out the dates in your calendar! Do keep a lookout for the tips and tricks that our in-house tutors will be sharing with you to kick-start this final lap of learning and music-making for the year.


With the 2020 theme of “Sing”, musicians from both bands and choir will come together to present classical and contemporary works to blow you away. 


Audition Dates: 29 Aug 2020  

Festival Dates: 

Chamber: 14- 17 Dec 2020

Concert on 18 Dec 2020 at Esplanade Recital Studios 


Band: 14- 19 Dec 2020 

Concert on 20 Dec 2020 at Esplanade Concert Hall 

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