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Concert Series: 7.30pm

on 18 Oct, 1 Nov, 15 Nov & 6 Dec

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18 Oct 2020 (Sun)


What If Musical Instruments Can Speak?


Want to learn more about wind, brass and percussion instruments and how they communicate with musicians? In this session, you will get an insight on the uniqueness of these musical instruments and whether you are a child or adult looking to pick up any of these instruments, we have all the information for you in this session!

Repertoire Highlights

  • Flexi Band: One Life Beautiful by Julie Giroux

  • Flexi Band: At Morning’s First Light by David Gillingham

  • Woodwind Quintet: The Hill of Mecenat by Hiroshi Arakawa

  • Brass Quartet: Plaza Fanfare by Peter Meecham

  • Percussion Quartet: Three Scenes from the Desert by Alex Stopa


1 Nov 2020 (Sun)


Introduction to Wind Chamber Ensemble


Thinking of starting a wind chamber ensemble and need to know all the nuts and bolts in order to start one. Sample some of the music that you can play and hear from expert conductors and musicians on how you can start wherever you are! Suitable for student, adult and community groups!

Repertoire Highlights

  • Flexi Band: Gambol by Jack Stamp

  • Flexi Band: Blue Ridge Reel by Brian Balmages

  • Woodwind Quintet: Divertimento Based on Chatsumi by Koh Chang-Su

  • Brass Quintet: Cotswolds Pictures by Hayato Hirose

  • Percussion Trio: Ticking Tacos by Brian Slawson

15 Nov 2020 (Sun)

Music of the Wind Chamber Ensemble

Looking for music for your wind chamber ensemble? This session will introduce to you all the wind chamber ensemble suitable for different levels of players. Suitable for students, adult and community groups!

Repertoire Highlights

  • Flexi Band: Vesuvius by Frank Ticheli

  • Flexi Band: Little White Boat by Lee Jin Jun

  • Woodwind Quintet: Theme from My Neighbour Totoro

  • Brass Quintet: Tuba Tiger Rag

  • Percussion Quartet: Dimensions III by Elliot Del Borgo

6 Dec 2020 (Sun) 


Rehearsing without a conductor


Ever wonder how chamber ensembles play without a conductor? Hear from musicians on how they rehearse a piece of music without the help of a conductor. Section is useful for students, adults and community groups.

Repertoire Highlights

  • Flexi Band: Solace Dance by Nicole Piunno

  • Flexi Band: Waltime Line by Hiroki Takahashi

  • Woodwind Quintet: Sheltering Sky by John Mackey

  • Brass Quintet: Bengawan Solo by Goh Toh Chai

  • Percussion Quartet: Quartet for Percussion (Mvt 1) by John Cage

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