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Youth Arts Leaders Conference

PHOTO: WBAS Youth Arts Leaders Conference 2018




The Youth Arts Leaders Conference, previously known as Student Leaders Workshop, has equipped and empowered thousands of students to be effective arts leaders since 2007. In the 2020 and 2021 digital conferences, we are glad to have 500 participants each year from 40 schools. Students from bands, Chinese orchestras, string ensembles and gamelan ensemble were on this platform to learn and encourage each other through this new medium.  


After a two-year hiatus from the face-to-face conference, we are excited to bring back the physical conference this year. The conference is opened to all student leaders of music CCA groups in secondary school, junior colleges and polytechnics. 


Comprising lectures, breakout discussions, and hands-on sessions, the YALC will empower leaders with tools to lead in the new normal. The international and local music educators and leadership specialists at YALC will share insightful information and practical toolkit with student leaders in areas of Personal Leadership, Leading Others and Musical Leadership to equip them for the coming year. Your students will also get to meet other youth arts leaders from NUS to share best practices and solutions for everyday operational issues.  



Date: 2 & 3 Sep (Group A) or 3 & 5 Sep (Group B) 

Time: 9am- 5pm

Venue: NUS U-Town 

Fees: $70 (lunch included) 


Key Speakers, Instructors and Facilitators: Mr. Frank Troyka, Mr Francis Tan, Mr Mohd. Faizal, Mr Tay Kai Tze, Ms Lim Sze Ai and Student Leaders from NUS Centre For the Arts groups


Pre-Event Online Course: Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser


Deadline for registration: 26 Aug 2022 or earlier when fully subscribed 


Highlight Topics 

  • Becoming the Leader Others want to Follow

  • Types of followers and Transforming Bystanders

  • Conditions that Encourage Participation

  • Planning, Managing and Executing an Effective Sectional

  • Introduction to Arranging Music

  • How to Manage Sec 1s and Beginners

  • Functions of an Effective Student Leadership Team 

  • Sharing of Best Practices by NUS CFA Groups Leaders


WBAS welcomes school groups and individual sign-ups for abovementioned events and will be able to provide e-invoicing for school groups registration. Students who sign up via school may use edusave for payment of fees with the school’s approval. 


Image by Andrew Neel

Self- Directed Learning 

Each student will have an account to log to access the online course at their own pace starting from 19 August 2022. It is recommended that each student attends all modules before the live webcast conference. Each module will consist of talks and/or instructional videos. Students are also required to answer a short quiz to assess their understanding after each module.


There will be no limit on the number of times the students can access the modules and try for the quiz. Each module is expected not to exceed 30 minutes (including the time required for the quiz). Students are allowed to access all modules until November.

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