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WBAS Youth Arts Leaders CONNECT!

PHOTO: WBAS Youth Arts Leaders Conference 2018


Arts Leaders in the New Normal

The arts can be a powerful tool for students to not only express themselves but be on a journey of constant self-discovery. As we are entering times of uncertainty in our country and around the world, we are hopeful that the 2021 Youth Arts Leaders Connect! Programme can help your student leaders better navigate their purpose in a new world ahead.


Due to the challenges posed by Covid-19, YALC will be subsumed under the Youth Arts Connect! programme. In this programme, students will learn leadership concepts and skills, connect with professional arts leaders in Singapore and around the world and track their own leadership development online. 


This programme consists of two main parts:

  1. Online course: Asynchronous online learning comprising course modules, resources, quizzes, progress reports and analytics pertaining to arts and leadership. Online course will be available from August through November 2021.

  2. Conference: 3-day live webcast comprising of lectures, panel discussion and breakout discussions on 2 to 4 September 2021.

Image by Andrew Neel

Progressive & Self- Directed Learning 

Each student will have an account to log to access the online course at their own pace starting from 7 August 2021. It is recommended that each student attends all modules before the live webcast conference. Each module will consist of talks and/or instructional videos. Students are also required to answer a short quiz to assess their understanding after each module.


There will be no limit on the number of times the students can access the modules and try for the quiz. Each module is expected not to exceed 30 minutes (including the time required for the quiz). Students are allowed to access all modules until November.

Topics & Speakers

Online | Conference

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