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WBAS Youth Band  Festival

15 - 20 December 2021

PHOTO: WBAS Youth Band Festival, Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

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As Singapore gradually opens for the resumption of arts activities, the Wind Bands Association of Singapore (WBAS) will be organising the annual WBAS Youth Band Festival to encourage youth musicians to continue making music in a safe environment, rejuvenating the youth band community in Singapore. We would like to seek your assistance in sharing the festival information with your band students. 


As iron sharpens iron, the collaborative nature of wind band activities will bring together a diverse group of youths musicians for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Most of all, to motivate and encourage each other to continue music-making and bring what they have learned back to share with their own bandmates. 


The result is not only a showcase of good wind ensemble music performance but also the development of each instrumentalist into a confident solo and ensemble performer. It is also our hope that through the positive experience, our youths can create a bigger impact in the wind band community.



Upon successful application, participants will attend a 4 days long festival that includes the following activities stewarded by professional tutors: 

  • Sectional and combined band rehearsals  

  • Workshops 

Festival Details

Rehearsals & Workshop: 15 - 19 December 2021 

Concert: 20 December 2021 

Time: TBC 

Rehearsal Venue: TBC 

Concert Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall 


Participation Fees: $75

Payment of fees can be done via PayNow or Bank Transfers. 


Application Process 

The festival is open to all fully vaccinated musicians who play a wind band instrument aged between 12 to 25 years old. Participants in the Festival must be fully vaccinated before the start of rehearsals. Candidates must have received at least 1 dose of vaccine at the point of accepting the participating offer (by 12 Nov). Candidates must undergo ART before rehearsals begin and Pre-Event Testing on the concert day. Parental consent must be obtained for candidates below 18 years old. 


Musicians who are keen to take part in the festival will need to undergo an audition process. To benefit the participants, WBAS seeks to achieve diversity by enhancing the group dynamics musically, intellectually and socially. WBAS will select participants based on their audition performance, both as a soloist and as a band musician. 


Audition requirements 

All candidates are to record a recent performance and submit the audition video by 27 Oct. There will be no in-person audition. The video must be recorded in one take without any stopping or editing. The video must show your face, hands (and sticks) and instrument. You need not memorise any of the music or scales. 


  • 5 scales 

  • 1 etude or choice piece 

  • 1 test piece (will be emailed to candidates 1 week before the audition) 



  1. 1 chromatic scale of any key, to play for 1.5 octaves. It can be slurred or tongued.  

  2. 1 major or minor scale of any key, to play for 2 octaves, slurred 

  3. 1 major or minor scale of any key, to play 1.5 octave, slurred 

  4. 1 major or minor scale of any key, to play 1.5 octave, tongued 

  5. 1 major or minor scale of any key, to play 1 octave, tongued 



No scales should be repeated (For eg: D harmonic minor slurred and D harmonic minor tongued are considered the same scale)


Etude/ Solo choice piece

Candidates must play an Etude / Solo work that is at least 1 - 2 mins long. You may play it with or without accompaniment.  

Percussion candidates must perform on snare drum, mallet and drumset. 


Tip: Candidates are encouraged to find pieces that show off their strengths. 


Test Piece 

Candidates will need to record a test piece. The score will be emailed to you one week before the submission deadline. For every instrument, there will be a choice of 2 short pieces of music, A and B. 


Candidates Sec 3 and older must record B. 

Candidates below Sec 3 may choose to record A or B. 

You only need to submit either A or B


Tip: Right notes and rhythms are only part of the music. Make sure you play with the written articulation, dynamics, appropriate tempo and follow the written musical instructions. Take your time to learn and practice before recording. 


Audition Submission Details  


Deadline: 27 October 2021, 2359hrs 


Step 1: Indicate your interest to receive test piece here 

Step 2: Submit audition video HERE

Step 3: Results will be announced by 5 November 2021, 2359hrs through email. The deadline for acceptance will be 12 November 2021, 2359hrs.



Learn more about the Event Safety Measures Management here. 

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