WBAS Youth Arts Leaders Conference

4 - 7 September 2020

PHOTO: WBAS Youth Arts Leaders Conference 2018

WBAS Youth Arts Leaders Conference 2020

Popular amongst students and teachers since its inception in 2007, WBAS has continuously drawn together the best thinkers and mentors from local and American education organisations to bring our students the best lessons and practices of leadership and performance in music groups. This programme is thoughtfully crafted and improved on each year of its running to allow youth leaders in our band and music community to develop holistically and be the best leaders they can be. 


This year, youth musicians aged 14 and above may join us for either the leadership or musician track to experience this 2 days conference to its fullest. 


Experience how a top German youth ensemble, Banden-Wurttemberg Youth Ensemble work with their conductor, Mr Felix Hauswirth. Understand the best practices for a rehearsal to maximize artistic progression. 


  • 4 - 5 Sep (Grp A), 

  • 5 & 7 Sep (Grp B), 

  • 6 Sep Concert for all participants 

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